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SANS DFIRSummit 2015

I was fortunate to have been able to attend both the DFIR Summit and the Forensic 508 course this year. It's been forever since I've been able to pick a training course, not tied to purchase of a product. I have always wanted to go to the summit, but it never worked out. Having heard good things about it, my expectations were high.

The Hilton venue itself was top notch. The rooms were updated and the conference space was very spacious, so it never felt crowded. It cost me $18 for an Uber, so it wasn't too far from the airport. The location 2 blocks from 6th street (aka Dirty 6th) was perfect. Every night there was tons of live music happening and lots of bars and restaurants to check out.

James Dunn from Sony kicked off the conference and unfortunately did not talk about the breach. He did however point out some great things about how orgs need to move beyond the Kill Chain. Most of what matters in crisis management happens after actions on objectives by the attacker. For …