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Lets download the entire Internet!

As ridiculous as that sounds, startup Robot Genius aims to do just that. Talk about an ambitious project. Not only do they want to scour the entire internet, they also want to analyze the binaries present on the websites for malicious characteristics. Such a product is sure to be in high demand, given that web-based malware has taken the reigns from email-based malware as the vector of choice. This biggest gap I see, is how quickly they can do this. Its very common for malware authors to change IPs on a daily or weekly basis to stay ahead of the whitehats. With such a dynamic environment as the internet, surely they will not be able to keep uptodate with the daily changes. More realistically monthly changes would be feasible. Still, I see the value of the service as a more accurate blacklist then has been delivered in the past. I think this will serve to raise the bar for other AV/Security vendors to improve their products as well. And if that doesn't work, some behemoth like Syma…