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The Growing Divide: InfoSec Practitioners vs. Climbers

Lessons from Crumpton's Art of Intelligence

A few months ago, I finished reading Henry Crumpton's book, The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIA's Clandestine Service. It was simply amazing and I highly recommend it for all the insights it adds to hidden conflicts the public will never fully understand. I will not be writing a review of the book however, but try to mirror some of the key points from the book into what we see today in the information security spectrum. While I would never attempt to equate the life and death struggles of patriots to the things we do in InfoSec, I believe in drawing from other realms to further our understanding of problems.

Diverse Backgrounds
(pg 64) "There was an overwhelming consensus, according to James, that whether in operations or analysis, the best officers were usually those who had accumulated a broad range of diverse and enlightening experiences prior to joining government service. These men and women developed more open, more empathetic views of others. With…